Barbell Club

West Ouachita Barbell Club will be taught by head coach Chris Rushing who is a USAW club coach certified under Gayle Hatch.  Chris also holds a current CrossFit Weightlifting certification.

The purpose of this program is to develop explosive power, and control of external objects by learning and training the snatch and the clean and jerk.  We will go in depth on the proper techniques of these movements and use programming in a controlled environment.

This is a great supplement to your normal CrossFit classes for anyone wanting to learn more about these movements, develop more power, competing in CrossFit at any level, and just to have fun.

This program is designed for any level athlete and will start with a 5 week Weightlifting 101 course that trains three times a week with the last week being a testing week.  After the 101 program each athlete will have the option to continue into a more advanced program.

Schedule and pricing:

West Ouachita Barbell Club is open only to current CFWO members and will meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6:30pm.

Weightlifting 101 has a one time fee (T-Shirt Included)
After this introductory program each athlete will have the option to continue with more advanced programming at
25$ / month

Contact us for more information